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Google Vacation Rental Channel

GVR Pros provides FREE access of your short-term rental (STR) onto Google’s Vacation Rental channel. We specialize in the Google Vacation Rental portal by creating a complimentary property website that includes iCalendar Synchronizing, Damage Waiver, HDR photography, and Virtual Tours, all seamlessly integrated with a Direct Booking Reservation System so you can manage your STR with other existing channels. Direct bookings will save you thousands of dollars annually, so no need to cancel your Airbnb or VRBO channels, simply add a Google Vacation Rental to unlock the full potential of showcasing your property on the world's largest search engine in the world.

FREE Property Website

Modern Website Design
Integrated into Google Vacation Rental Channel
Search Engine Optimized
Accepts Direct Bookings
Social Media Integration
Mobile Friendly
Auto Guest Review Builder
Auto Sync with iCalendar

By adding your short-term rental to Google's Vacation Rental platform (GVR) for FREE, you can tap into the immense power of Google's metasearch engine for vacation rental searches


Property Profile Displays into Google Vacation Rental Channel

FREE Property Website for Direct Booking

Real Estate Photo Shoot (HDR Photography) *

360 Virtual Tour ** (also used for
insurance claims

iCalendar Synchronization with Marketing Channels i.e. AirBnB, VRBO, 

3% Direct Online Booking Fee
(paid by Renter)

Low-Cost Damage Waiver (Required)

Online Rental Agreement

Website Link Widget for Social Marketing Posting 

Website SEO Enhancement for Keywords and Metatags

Stripe Credit Card Integration

Monthly Dynamic Pricing Audit

(*) $149 Photos
(**) $149 3D Tour

GVR Pros Onboard's Your Vacation Rental for FREE

How Google Vacation Rental Portal Works

GVR Profile List

Google Vacation Rentals comes into action when a user makes a search query like “vacation rental in Princeville Hawaii” in Google. 


Next, a table with the most outstanding accommodations in the area will appear at the top of the page, above the rest of the organic search results, along with a map showing their locations.

GVR Profile

This profile page contains all the necessary information, including the accommodations availability and its location.  Featured accommodations will be accompanied by an image, its price per night, capacity, and number of rooms. Google allows users to adjust the start and end dates of the stay, the number of guests etc..

GVR Property Website

Visit Website redirects to your FREE property website created by GVR Pros and online guests will be able complete their direct booking.  

FREE Property Website

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Google Vacation Rental

By adding your short-term rental to Google's Vacation Rental platform (GVR), you can tap into the immense power of Google's metasearch engine for vacation rental searches. This means that travelers will encounter your property on GVR before venturing into specific OTA channels. Moreover, by leveraging direct bookings, you can enjoy significant annual savings of thousands of dollars, bypassing hefty commissions and fees associated with other platforms.

Google Vacation Rental (GVR) Portal

If you own a vacation rental, you're likely familiar with Airbnb, Vrbo, and Google recognizing the immense potential of the vacation rental market has launched its own channel, Google Vacation Rentals (GVR). Google Vacation Rentals is a special functionality introduced by Google in 2019. In addition to Google Flights and Hotel Ads, Google Vacation Rentals is a seismic entry by Google and presents both a challenge and an incredible opportunity for hosts. With GVR, vacation rental owners can now showcase their accommodations to the billions of users worldwide who rely on the internet's most popular search engine, Google.